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How to play: Each game is played in 10 rounds. Each round is scored on 10 points. A round consists of two periods of 30 seconds each where one team tries to score more goals than the other. The team that scores most goals wins the round and scores a point for every goal scored by the team. Each period is broken into 4 cycle of 4 seconds each.

The End Game:
If the score gets to tie or the last period is over after 20 minutes have passed then the last two teams in the game split the win and there are no points available, but if the second to last team has less than 10 points they will receive one point and if that amount is 10 points or more then you will be awarded with one point and it will be split into 7 points until the amount is reduced to 0 points. If the last team has 0 points then the game is a tie and nothing will be awarded. The winner of the game will receive 10 points. If there is a tie for the win between more than 2 teams then the player receiving the most goals in the second to last round will be declared the winner.

This is an online game and you can play it on an online match making system or you can just jump into an online session as well if you want to split the game with friends.

This is a multiplayer game so we require an offical server to run it. If you want to support the game and have your own server to host it, please send us an email to [email protected] and we will connect you with your own real server which is located in the server settings under the ‘Path to server’ setting. We don’t allow private dedicated servers due to the slow staff we have to listen to and the amount of security issues that are connected to the dedicated servers due to server hackers.

No registration, this game is 100% free to play.

Version 1.0.1
Fixed an issue where it was possible to lock out a team in the first and second round in the league by preventing them from scoring

No, I haven’t thought about single player/arcadey mode, that would be great!

It is possible for a team to get a lockout in the 1st and 2nd rounds in the league by preventing them from scoring. I have however, made single player/arc


Features Key:

  • A simple yet user-friendly ice hockey game
  • Lovely 3D graphics
  • Authentic visuals of the current Vancouver market
  • Quality sound
  • Easy to use “Quick Play” set-up mode
  • Simple multi-player mode

Game Features

  • 10 Levels
  • Vancouver Orchard Ice Rink
  • Easy Quick Play set-up mode
  • Simple interface

    Description of the game

    • Play Ice Hockey on a huge cold rink in Downtown Vancouver
    • Dive head long into the fun world of ice hockey
    • Very easy to set up and play
    • Authentic visuals of the current Vancouver market

    Licence of the game

    • Piracy-free game
    • Purchased game activation is $6.99

    (Nick Gravano),, 14 Apr 2009 10:15:00 +00002009-11-25T10:40:19.054-08:00Light The Lamp Hockey v2.14

    Light The Lamp Hockey v2.14 Key features:

    • Brand new
    • Beautiful visuals
    • Worked 1000%
    • Improved textures
    • Designed with speed


    • Play Ice Hockey on a huge cold rink in Downtown Vancouver
    • Dive head long into the fun world of ice hockey
    • Very easy to set up and play
    • Authentic visuals of the current Vancouver market


    Light The Lamp Hockey With License Code Download

    Hockey is a sport where you move pieces of cardboard and screws with a stick.
    It’s full of awesome people, amazing events, and awesome beers.
    What are you waiting for?
    -Open to all venues and beer leagues (no adult teams)
    -Franchise mode required for leagues of at least 6 teams
    -Teams cannot transfer to new league (they must stay in the league that they started in)
    Play dates:
    -Drafts will be on the third Tuesday of the month.
    -Franchise mode will be done every third Monday of the month (ex: March Drafts, April Franchise, September Drafts)
    -Individual Sings will be on the third Saturday of the month.
    -No Season Concludes (Full Seasons = 12 games)
    Leadership Positions:
    -Lead your Franchise team for 10 Seasons, by guiding your players with strategic thoughts and actions.
    -In the Early June Draft, Lead the Draft via the Unranked Draft.
    -The General Managers are in charge of Franchise Drafts, Individual Drafts, CBA, Scouting, and Player development.
    -The Director of Hockey Operations is in charge of Hockey operations, Sings, All in, and Pairings.
    -Manager of Hockey Operations is in charge of Franchise Drafts, Individual Drafts, CBA, Scouting, and Player development.
    -Every player has a set of stats, including strength, Agility, Endurance, and Skill. They will level up as they play the game.
    -Each player receives a team grade for every game they play in.
    -Teams are graded as well. After 10 seasons, your team is rewarded with a one-off team grade.
    -You will never make the top tier (Top 2%) of your league.
    -A player can be traded to another team. Any trade must be placed before the draft. Player are in descending order of desire: Drafted Player, Reserve Player, Player with Team Option.
    -Trades are trade between teams in one league. A team may not trade a player directly to itself.
    -Player Levels will always reflect a player’s current Team level and any player being traded will begin at a random level (ex: The player traded to your team will be at level 10).
    Game Play:
    -Every player has three actions, a “Move” action, a “Pass” action, and a ”


    Light The Lamp Hockey Crack + Download

    What is Hockey?
    Hockey is a contact sport played between two teams of skaters.
    The game of hockey is typically divided into periods where each team has a designated “goat” that must be scored on. If a team can score a goal in the opposing team’s “goat” period, then the goals are added up and the “goat” is subtracted from their team’s total.
    On an empty ice surface, the team with the higher total score wins.
    Why Play Game “Beer Hockey”?
    I set out to make the most in depth and most interactive experience on mobile based on being Beer league Hockey. As a real full time NHL Hockey player and being current and previous team captain for the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings I wanted to make sure the experience was special and enjoyable to the fans! It would be a way for fans to get together and play with their friends and family any time of day. The addition of really good music can really be enjoyed any game! So with this in mind, I set out to make an experience that is close to what a real Beer league experience is and we are really proud of the end result.
    How Do I Play Beer League Hockey?
    To start, you have to create and join your team. Our website makes this quick and easy. Then you will start in a Free Practice period of 5 games. These 5 games will test your ability to play the game correctly. As you play, the same skill level strategy will be placed on you. You will need to work at it, but you will be given the right strategies and tips from the coaching staff to build the right team for you! At the end of the Practice period, the computer will seed your team with every other player in the league. You will then be given a Playoff Season with 9 games you will play. The Playoff Season starts on Saturday February 24th and ends on Saturday April 7th. This will run as a full Dynamic Season, as if it is a real hockey season. You will get the same team chemistry, trust your teammates, and will grow together as a team. Our update schedule for the season is a little crazy (work is work), but the best we can do right now is twice a month. To start off with, we will have a big update to the Franchise, Arcade, and Passing Modes on the first or second Sunday of each month. At the same time, we will have a big update to the League and League Pool creation and completion. We are REALLY


    What’s new:

      : 1.1

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      Because of the Mayan flu, the Youngers were locked out of the country and for the first time, the territory of Bolivia-Peru was occupied by the Machiguengas in 2000. It was thanks to the determined and incisive leadership of the San Martín Committee and Efrain Bautista Chavez, tied to the leadership and to the ideas of the Indigenous Mestizos under Efrain’s leadership, which presided on the committee. They are located on the national border, from Rurrenabaque on the upper Río Mamoré in Bolivia, up the Río Urubú in Colombia, upstream and then down the Río Zamora and Río Azurduy to Puerto Maldonado, the last stronghold on the border with Peru. The San Martín Committee and the Ttapanahua in Peru, from San Martín to Puerto Mald


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    • Select “Run this program in compatibility mode for:”
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    System Requirements For Light The Lamp Hockey:

    Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 8
    OS X 10.11, macOS 10.12
    Intel i5-3320
    4 GB RAM
    1 GB VRAM
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080/1070, 1080ti/1060
    AMD Radeon R9 290, 290X, 390, 390X, Fury
    Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook Pro (late 2008 or newer), MacBook
    Linux Minimum Requirements:
    Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu


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