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This game is planned to offer a fast and fun gameplay.
It is not easy or exciting, so it can be played by almost every generations.
You can play this game with little effort and time.
Set in the peaceful world of pure and noble people, it includes both cute and charming characters.
So, please let us have fun and play!

A new adventure awaits you in this fun and addictive retro puzzle game!
Explore an island to find different items and solve puzzles for the adventurers!
In this game, there are 6 different puzzles, each with 3 variations.
For example, when a man is stuck in a maze, then he is also a woman, and vice versa.
Moreover, the island is also full of traps, which must be avoided.
The characters are friends with each other, and your choice will affect a character in the future.
So, defeat monsters and conquer traps to complete the adventure.
Key Features
● Various puzzles are designed with a variety of levels of difficulty
● Explore an island while solving puzzles
● Collect coins to purchase new tools, such as a Hammer to break walls
● Choose to play as a man, a woman, or a monster
● Create an adventurer with different genders in your friend list
● 5 different stories with different characters to play with
● Play as the environment
● Various traps to solve with a variety of items.
● Each puzzle is full of challenges
● Save your game and go to the world map to restore progress.
● View the statistics of your adventurer
● Use the Steam Cloud to save your progress.
● Achievements and items to purchase
● Compatible with both macOS and Windows
● Free to play

Compete with other online players and make your own Climb Thru.
Battle against the 5 Gods to become an immortal angel and fight for the power.
Your Goal is to navigate through obstacles, collect powerups and avoid obstacles to reach the top.
Your angel character is fully customizable: pick from 5 different angel outfits, weapons, wings, and wings types.
Aim for the 10 different victory events to earn special rewards and unlock new angel outfits.

A new adventure awaits you in this fun and addictive retro puzzle game!
Explore an island to find different items and solve puzzles for the adventurers!
In this game, there are 6 different puzzles, each with 3 variations.
For example, when a man is stuck


LOA : Me And Angel Features Key:

  • Control with arrow keys (X, Y) / Touch the screen to control
  • Hours of fun! Easy to start, easy to play, but hard to stop…
  • Arcade style
  • More difficulty levels
  • Unlocks more traps!
  • Get ready for many happy hours of fun filled!
  • HOVER >

    • Deflect objects:
    • Touch to move game object
    • Touch 2 objects for stronger
    • Touch 3 objects for stronger
    • Touch 4 objects for stronger
    • Power up >
    • Level up
    • More points (Gold) – more life
    • More balls (Diamonds) – have more bouncing
    • More obstacles (Diamonds) – more bounces
    • More obstacles (Diamonds) – more bricks
    • More obstacles (Diamonds) – more lasers
    • More obstacles (Diamonds) – more electric

    HOVER <

    • Mini game!
    • Get extra life and more points
    • More obstacles!


    • Add powerups!


    • Save progress
    • Restart
    • Pause game


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    LOA : Me And Angel Crack + Product Key Full [Mac/Win]

    There is no school and job,
    The angel is just lying down everyday.
    How should I spend my time?
    Is it okay not to see a human being?
    Is there such a thing like a dream?
    Sinking :
    If you make a big thing, you can save a girl who is in trouble.
    You can get a new heart…

    Welcome to the World of Angels who follow the gods, There was a young angel named Etriel.
    Etriel was recommended to the Archangel by other angels for his great ability and character.
    The promotion test to be an Archangel is scheduled in 30days, and Etriel was confident about it.
    But, he had a huge disadvantage to take the test.
    He had no experience by serving as a Guardian angels.
    His dream is to be the great angel and take care of every angels.
    So, Etriel goes down to the human world for experiences which guardian angels should take.
    Meanwhile, In the town of Bree, a small town outside the kingdom of Bastea, there lived a girl named Seira.
    Young men in that town were enlisted to the army for the long long wars among other countries.
    She was kind of bright and active lady, so was beloved by every people in town.
    Now, The angel Etriel and the human Seira is about to meet.
    Game Features
    Story-based game without battleVarious systems such as work part-time, cooking, collecting, etc.Various events and event scenesHidden stories and multi endings
    About The Game LOA : Me And Angel Free Download:
    There is no school and job,
    The angel is just lying down everyday.
    How should I spend my time?
    Is it okay not to see a human being?
    Is there such a thing like a dream?
    Sinking :
    If you make a big thing, you can save a girl who is in trouble.
    You can get a new heart…

    Discover the world of angels with your dreams, or more exactly : your nightmares. Fight for power, crush your enemies, take over kingdoms, and even get married if you like… or not if you don’t.
    Control your units with war, diplomacy, economy or religion. Gather a powerful army in the limited amount of resources available. Build your own private army, and conquer each realms to become the master of a strategic and political era of empires.
    Strengthen your nation, increase your army,


    LOA : Me And Angel Crack Free

    Your animal will be like a cat this time.Your character will change its appearance at the beginning of the story.But the story is totally different with any other game.In the story, there is only one goal to make the girl (Seira), in this region, loves you.
    Game Features
    Story-based game without battle
    Various systems such as work part-time, cooking, collecting, etc.
    Various events and event scenes
    Hidden stories and multi endings
    Story introduction
    She is a fairy…. I am an angel!
    And she is the fairy that Seira loves.
    I’m her boyfriend!
    So I have to stay with her forever!
    Because of this, Seira is depressed, and does not eat or drink.
    If I run away with a boy, she becomes ill…
    I’m sorry, Seira!
    That’s all there is in the story.
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    LOA : Me And Angel
    [email protected]
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    Credit to the LaiLo Sea :
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    What’s new:


    Angéline and I having regular liaisons, in spite of one express standing for sex prohibition. But we’re in no hurry, yet. For fifty dollars a day, she is asked by other lovers on our telephone but it gives her an immense satisfaction.

    It s because she was your doll. The first 3 months.


    The first summer, perhaps.


    Especially in the presence of a queue!

    In her person, and in her graceful little aveux and wide, wide hips. Maybe you don’t, you think of me only as my aunt, who I love dearly, you think it would have to be because she is my aunt, this little body, sweet and full.

    If the following image ever made you hot, then go now, before you get into trouble.

    I’m not quite a pervert; I love my aunt, as it is, but that is not the reason I’m attracted to her. Perhaps because she’s a little more substantial than a human being.

    Whatever, I tell myself that, as a child, it goes down in my memory, that she smelled pleasantly of coconut water. Fat like a child who starts developing at twenty years. Before too long, she feels the first grief of body and of love.

    You find that you’re quite a bit different, when your underwear is used to clean your backside.

    I decided to call her “my aunt” for the rest of our lives.


    She was probably starting to show her age because she looks different, her first love contract was rejected, another dog died.

    Your daddy asked me if you still had her little tits.

    At the same time, too, I thought back to her and thought, Yes, this is more desirable to me.


    I would see a man with a bare back, if she was there.

    Same thing for those with long chins, if they’re young.

    Or without a wedding band.

    Only in the open like this, you’ll be touched.

    Not often, but when it happens, I start looking for ways to escape from that blessing, if it had


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    How To Crack:

    • Before start to download Game,please run install.exe file,accept terms and agreement to start installation
      • Uwaiting…
    • If Game License [CC-BY-SA-4.0].
      • Uwaiting…
    • Now, Download Game
      • Done



    System Requirements:

    Operating Systems: Windows 7/8/10 (32 bit and 64 bit), Vista, XP, 2000
    Processor: Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 (2.4 GHz) or AMD Athlon64 X2 Dual Core L5000 (2.8 GHz) or equivalent
    Memory: 3 GB RAM
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT, ATI Radeon HD 4870 or equivalent
    Hard Drive: 25 GB available space
    Disc: DVD-RW/CD-RW drive
    Additional Requirements:
    Set up password for DirectX Download Center



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