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Many people complain that they do not buy the Vipon version of Puzzle and Dragons, but actually they should: the regular version is not suitable for mobile phone. How to download this version of Puzzle and Dragons Vipon? The answer is very easy. You can download it through an APK file. But to use this file, you need to be good at rooting your device.

Direct Download:

If you have any question about Vipon Puzzle and Dragons, please contact with us via Email:

Thank you for your interest in Vipon Puzzle and Dragons Vipon, and thank you for your support! Good luck!
Vipon Puzzle and Dragons is the game developed by Vipon Inc. This is an interesting game, with unique, fun, and entertaining elements, puzzles, and special battles. The first version of this game was released on April 22, 2009, and can not be recommended. Using a “cracked” version of Vipon Puzzle and Dragons is a way to solve the problems faced by many players.

In addition, using an APK file is convenient for many players, and the APK file has been easily downloaded via the Internet. If you want to use Vipon Puzzle and Dragons, you can download it through a.APK file. Actually, the.APK file is a compressed file, and it is made up of three parts:.APK,.SHA1,.PID. But before downloading, you should know the location of the.APK file. You can download the.APK file from a website. For example, you can access from Vipon’s official website directly. If you want to download, you can use the option in the upper left corner of the website. In addition, the following link is safe to download:

Once your download is completed, you can copy the file to your device. After you have removed the file to the computer, you can use it according to the instructions of the APK installer.

Method 1:

If your device is rooted, you can use the app “File Explorer”. If you do not know how to root your device, please refer to the instruction here. On the website of Vipon, you can download the.apk file and choose the file.

Method 2:

If the installation method is not

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